Body gifts: Triple Peter Pan Collar Tutorial


Here's a slightly different take on the Peter Pan collar - The Triple Peter Pan Collar Top from Topshop.

And not too hard to replicate:

I started with this coral tank top that I already had in my closet -

To make a pattern for the Peter Pan collar, lay the tank over a piece of paper and draw a line that follows the neckline.

Draw your collar shape - you only need to draw one side. Add seam allowance. Cut out.
Repeat to create your other 2 collar shapes. Pin each shape to a double layer of white fabric and cut out - do this twice so you have both halves of each layer of your collar.


Sew pattern pieces together, right sides together, leaving an opening for turning along the top. Before turning, clip seam allowance along curves. Turn right side out and press well.

Now you can begin sewing your layers onto your tank, starting with your top layer. When you do this, you will also end up stitching your turning opening closed.

Next, I stitched down my bottom layer because it was bigger than my middle layer.

And finally, I added my smallest, middle layer.

Ready to go!


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