Crafts bags:Japanese-style handbag.

You will need two contrasting colors of tissue cut by 30 cm each, padding polyester or any other insulation, two types of cord: a thin (1.5 m) and thick (2 m). 1. From each fabric cut out a rectangle the size of 2 cm 13h67 and cut each rectangle in half at an angle of 45 ° degrees. The calculation is for seam allowances to one-quarter of an inch, ie, 0.65 cm As a result, we get four parts of one color and 4 of the other. 2.Sostrochite each of the two parts of different colors. The resulting tack strips to a piece of syntepon slightly larger than the bands themselves and quilted in any manner. Trim the excess padding polyester. I additionally made ​​along the junction of two tissues, and even machine embroidery 3.Costrochite four bands on the short side, as shown in Figure 4. Sostrochite any two standing next to the band on the long side, gently docked the junction of two tissues 5. Similarly pristrochite another lane6. And one more. The result is a figure that's a 7. Combine the remaining part of the bottom is not sewn bag, leaving a small opening for turning 8. Embroidery on a hole, attach one piece of a handbag to another, no matter what kind of 9. On the edge of handbags sew a thin cord, passing a needle with a cord through the hole left in the bag to hide the knots inside.Cord sewn in the following way. I recommend doing 12 or 16 loop 10. Should look like sewn thin cord. Now a hidden stitch sew the opening for turning 11.Cut the thick cord in half (into two pieces of 1 meter each), and pass around both sides of a thin cord. Tie the ends of cords. Finish



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