Crafts for kids printables: origami boxes

And just out of paper!

To create these stars (as pictured) is enough to print in duplicate this sheet. A total of 12 parts - to 6 on each sheet. 
or this one (also in duplicate). His pictures are not available, it dries out. Also only 12 parts - to 6 on each sheet. Please note that some of the corners to stick bends inward and outward part. 

Often such stars daryatsya school friends ... so that each new year glued. From the little that remained of the old. Do not forget to build time into the paste in a rope-cord, if you want to hang a star. Do not try to glue all the star once - let dry well in parts. Ready you can decorate with sequins, and a gel ... what your heart desires! :) One such star (gold), we put on the tree top. Very nice and unusual! Here 3 sheets for a single star. It is the first picture, even in two forms - a gold and white and blue. 
The last scheme. It just 4 pieces. Two of them - the simple crystals, and two - three-dimensional star. Similar to the previous one. One can similarly calculate the number of small and large pieces, place on sheet and cut out. Second, the Stars and laid barbed-specific pattern (see diagram). When I kleila her, just missing pririsovala corners to stick and not bother drawing up such a large scheme. Glued it difficult, do not even know if there are willing to stick it, so the scheme has given, but the sheets did not allocate.



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