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Bag with leather strap

Kate Pruitt

This bag closes itself as soon as you lift it. Dark base makes bag practical, but it looks easy, simple and unusual.

You will need:

White solid linen
Dark brown cloth (or choose a different color on your taste)
Leather strap handles (12 mm wide, 70 cm in length)
Rivets - 4 pcs.   
"Eyes" - 2 pcs.
Measuring tape

1. Cut a piece of linen, 30 x 82 cm, dark brown piece of fabric 30 x 82 cm and a piece of dark brown cloth, 30 x 18 cm Shape handle in handbags, as shown in the picture with a ruler, pencil and scissors.
2. Attach a smaller piece of dark fabric with white canvas. Attach it exactly in the center - it will be the basis when the bag is ready. Sew together, crooking edges inward.
3. Sew the dark part on the reverse side of each side, leaving a hole that you then need to.
4. To create a volume of the bag, fold the corners, stitch them perpendicular to the seam and fasten the corner. This triangular fold bag will give your form
5. Repeat with white cloth. Make sure you have an external party was inside.
6. Include details of the bags at each other. Make sure the seams are inside and will be invisible.

7. Sew the parts bag from the inside.

8. Expand the bag and look in the lining of the part that you left without seam.Through it, remove the bag until it completely does not show his "face."Everything that was supposed to be invisible, it will be.

9. Left a hole you can sew a hidden stitch, after which the bag is required ironed.
10. Punch eyes to connect the strap to the bag (this can be done in the departments of "repairing shoes and bags.")
11. Thread the strap through the eyes and secure it with rivets on prtivopolozhnoy the bag.
12. Repeat with the other end of the belt.

Bag ready!

Designer: Renske Solkesz



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