Crafty jewelry: Bead and buttons necklace

You will need: 
* 35 - cylindrical beads x 36 10mm pearl buttons * One 20-mm button to zip * '10 beads

Place the cylindrical beads on a string.

Pass the thread through the 1st cylindrical bead. Then put 10 beads on a string, pass through the hole buttons, put 3 more beads and pass through the hole second button, then put another 10 beads and thread yarn through the second cylindrical bead on a string.

Add the remaining buttons and beads until you reach the end of the thread of the cylindrical beads

Make a loop of 30 beads worn on a string, thread the yarn at the opposite end of the bracelet

Put five beads, thread button, put five beads and thread the other hole over the buttons, another thread the 5 beads, skip the thread in the first cylindrical bead. Fasten the thread.Bracelet is ready!


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