Crafty jewelry: beaded ring tutorial

 this is a somewhat different view on the application of this exquisite lace. Because of it, you can create crisp, not only white napkins, collars, and completely unique pieces. If you want to learn more or to learn tatting - I recommend to search the Internet or on shelves in the store is definitely training for this type of needlework. There is nothing complicated in French lace no. It takes a couple of shuttles, yarn and hook. And a little patience. For bead austere - respectively, the beads and some stuff. The color scheme - of course, at its own discretion. To create a ring as a whole spent somewhere around 1 hour. Of course, all you need was at hand and I'm somewhat distracted.

So, we need two shuttles wound with a thin metallic thread (for example, by "LCA", "Madeira", etc.) primary colors. In this case - gold. And two of the shuttle preferably the same color, but it is not a requirement, I took   the same thickness thread, but a different color.
Just need shvenza - a small metal akksessur used for beads. Strung on a thread of gold-colored beads. The number of beads can estimate in advance, but I took the "by eye", as, indeed, and much more.
1. Attach the thread behind the eye to shvenze - gossip one arc, weaving into each node of beads, attach the arc to shvenzethrough one ear and another arc of gossip, but attach it until we are.   The photo shows that the golden thread from us - main, and a silver thread - is almost invisible. Number of nodes (and correspondingly, beads) in the arc I took so that the resulting impromptu "rings" were mostly round and not elongated. Ie nodes - 9.
2. Binds a second pair of shuttles in the missing eye shvenzy earlier. And begin to weave a similar arc already woven.
3. That's how it looks: Now you need to position the arc woven so that they fit each other. Attach an arc of the threads of the second pair of shuttles
4. Then you need to take the first pair, and attach under the arc of the second pair of shuttles. Explanation is difficult, but in practice it's nothing complicated, you immediately understand what and where. Especially if the sample potreniruetes bigger.
5. That's the last stage: anchoring a pair of shuttles, which arrived to the finish line first, cut the thread. A second pair dopletaem and also anchoring. Ideally, should get a vicious motive, but here, in view of the miniature, the product - this is not essential, I stopped at what turned out to visually aesthetically flat flower.
A word of advice : the ends of synthetic fibers should not cut, melted and heated metal clip, and try to make nodes inside shvenzy, where in any case it will not be visible. Clip should not heat up hot, not to change the color of the thread.Practice on a small piece in front of responsible work .
6. Here's a flower from above, I take it to a bead-drop. You may want to choose another form, then a matter of taste and imagination.
7. Attach the bead can be monofilament. Handing over and drop its plunging into shvenzu. But I, without further ado, she decided to cement construction, and has for this purpose glue. A drop of glue in the center kapnula shvenzy and put in place a bead-tipped.   Voila!.
a little advice : If prior to the adhesive back insert piece of old unwanted earrings, well, one of those that is inserted into the ear rod and clamp holding back - then you will get an earring .... or a miniature brooch for a strict jacket
8. Unsettled blanks for custom rings in stores. But   I had a good silver ring with stones and fallen clips.
9. Take the pliers, and how to use glue, we already know a little drip at the base and under the "feet" ring.
10. Wait a bit and - done!

To ring in my ear doplelis another similar design. I think after the description above, there is no question about that - the "how".   Just. Brooch - it's stylized vintage style, it just fit in the package =)

The appearance of the ring-it's a personal fantasy of the author. You may puzzle his prominence and the apparent fragility.The flower is not fragile, and even quite hard, but at the same time quite flexible. It was created originally parade output option, and he was very, very steady and tenacious just in everyday life. However, the technique shown above is  "weaving shuttles 4mya" can be beaten into very beautiful brooches, hairpins and three-dimensional color for the panel.


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