Crafty jewelry: Egg-stick "Berry"

(According to the magazine "Beautiful Moments" with the permission of the publisher)
The basis for the Easter eggs are the wooden piece in the shape of an egg. The work begins with the weave mesh 3x3 bead belt and then crown dopletayutsya in a circle in the technique of "mosaic". Beads - is far from ideal material, and mesh "grid" and "mosaic" allows you to combine beads, different sizes and shapes. The grid is very tight-fitting billet, from its edge is convenient to continue to weave a product, and then embroider.
The pointing beads on braided harvesting can most fully express their imaginations and souvenirs adds a special charm.
Start with the easiest. Take a small wooden egg and following description, criss-crossing it with beads of one color and then decorate with embroidery of beads of different color or beads. Get a pretty odd job in the form of berries, but you get the first experience of weaving.

Dial sixteen beads (or more if you want to make the canvas wider). Count the eighth bead from the end of the set and insert a needle into it. Then, whipping, stringing three beads and threading a needle in each quarter, until you're back in the first bead kit. Start a new line with a set of five beads, then dial the three beads and pass through a needle into each medium bead.

Once the belt is long enough to tightly encircle the workpiece, sew the first and last rows. Attach the thread and sell it through the beads of the last diamond, and tie a double knot. Short end of the hide in Knot, without altering its image.
Put the belt on the piece. He has to sit very tight. At the same time, the thread between the bead should not be visible.

Then start netting tops in a circle. Thread in the outermost bead. Often, when netting tops have dopletat belt around, picking up three beads. This should be done when the bead between the extremes too great a distance.
Each new series has its beginning and its end. Do not lose this place while you work.
Dopletayte crown with a gradual, uniform, dec. Should diminish when the neighboring bead is not enough space for a new series of beads.

The resulting egg in a beaded sheath can be extended in various ways. In our case it is horizontal the pointing to larger gold beads. It will give the egg kind of berries.

While working on the egg may be a need to decorate it sewed items. In the case of "berries" are separately woven and sewn leaves.

At the end, you can sew a ring, if the egg is suspended. Or on the lower crown of eggs to sew beads on a circle for stability.
So, your first Easter egg is ready. Can be made for more complex work.


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