Crafty jewelry: Making embroidered pendant in heart shape

the pendant will need: 

The basis for embroidery. The most democratic option - glued in several layers of interlining. I took a greatcoat with a tissue stuck to her fleece in one layer 
Acrylic paints 
Beads, bead - a small amount. The main part - the beads number 10 or 11 
Lavsan thread 
Thin cardboard (you can use the postcard) 
Clay ("Time-to-crystal" or something like that) 
A piece of skin 
Accessories - Suspension for the pendant 

Still needed: a needle for beads, a pencil or pen, scissors 

1 Based on embroidery paint heart: 



2. Paint over acrylic paint to heart, leaving little for the circuit: 
3. Once the paint dries again outline the contour and fasten the thread on the wrong side - starting bead contour. 
Embroider on the scheme: 
For more information on the implementation of this joint can be read here p.2 


4. Draw the contour of the thread. It is better to repeat it several times - then the path will be smoother bead. 

5. Sew glass beads and large beads (or beads): 


6. The remaining "empty" fill in the smaller beads. Where possible - embroider on the above scheme, the more "difficult" locations sew beads one by one. 



7. Carefully cut out the heart close to the edge, but without damaging the thread. 

8. Are putting a pendant to the cardboard and draw out on the circuit: 

9. Cardboard heart should be less than our embroidery. So step back from the contour of 1.5 - 2 mm, and draw a new path: 

10. Cut on the inner loop and glue cardboard to the embroidery. We provide dry. 
11. Pasted embroidery on a piece of skin 

12. Cut the skin, leaving a small allowance (1-2 mm) 

13. We provide a number of Termination. Can be repaired so p.8. And you can do something like this: 
a). Secures thread embroidery and between the layers of the skin: 

b) We collect a bead and pierce the layers of the skin and stitch through a distance equal to the thickness of the beads: 

c) Draw the needle through the bead: 


g). We collect 1 more bead and repeat it the same steps and 13) - 13) 
14. As a result, we get: 


15 Attach the harness to a number of Termination. 


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