Crafty jewelry: Necklace made of crystal.

 Vintage chandelier necklace
It is amazing how much can be a simple process of creating incredibly beautiful and very original jewelry by hand. Ribbon, thread a needle with a fragment from the chandeliers - this is all you need at this time.

What will you need?
and thread the needle
fragment from the chandelier or sconce
wire cutters to free the lens from the wire How is it done? using forceps to release the lenses wire. measured at the end of the tape length sufficient for tying bow around his neck. Make a free bundle of this knot and begin to build two to three fold, spitted on a needle and thread (which should take place in the middle of the assembly), alternate assembly with the lens. The length of the pattern of your choice. finish the assembly and a free bundle. measures the same length as at the first end and cut the ribbon. bends or burn the ends of the tape, so as not flogged.


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