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I have seen so many different types of handmade jewelry from all over the world, from the marketplaces in Nigeria to the outdoor flea markets in Philadelphia. I am always in awe at the gorgeous pieces people are able to create. I feel there is something so special about jewelry made from hand; there is a certain amount of time and love required to piece together these little works of art.

Where did the name "PeaceImages" come from?
My last name is Peace, and I got my artistic start in photography :) I think my name is awesome and plan to tie it in with all of my artistic ventures forever.

How long have you been making jewelry?
I started making jewelry during early 2008 after wandering the aisles of a St. Louis (my former home) Wal-mart in search of tools to fix random pieces in my own arsenal of accessories that had broken over the years.

What types of materials do you use to make your jewelry?
I've spent the last year falling deeper and deeper in love with brass, but feathers, wood, wire, seed beads, shells and fabric will always be regulars on my roster :) My material choices are reflections of my beach-town upbringing.

What kinds of pieces does your jewelry line consist of?
I never allow myself to feel boxed in. I create according to my mood. Today I may be feeling like making some simple charm necklaces, for layering, and tomorrow I might want a big cocktail ring with a huge slab of agate covering half of my hand. I make my jewelry the way I make my personal mixtapes. Track 1 might be a Mos Def song, and track 2 might be from Lil’ Kim, or Rick Ross. But they are always expressions of love, positivity and gratitude that make me feel good.

Where can your jewelry be purchased?

I am so in love with PeaceImages jewelry, every single “peace” is so unique and beautiful! The fact that Camille makes over 70% of her pieces by hand and makes them as the orders are placed just shows her love and dedication for her art. Thank you for sharing your heart with the world through your jewelry Camille, you’ve got that good good. (And your photography skills are so on point!)


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