Crafty jewelry: Penguin - Japanese Bead

The Japanese scheme of toys very similar to each other and if you look at one, then the rest will go easier. That's because many of them built on printsypu pie. At the request of the workers, I want to present a master class in weaving the Penguin. He is one of the simplest, then make another, more complicated.
What do we need it for? Rombichekie beads. They are plastic and cheap. You can do it from the large beads, but are not that impressive.
Blue - 28sht
White - 5pcs
Yellow - 3pcs
Black - 2pc
Fishing lines ~ m
1. Step One. Breast. The Japanese are always schemes marked the beginning is usually an asterisk. Yet, with rare exceptions, is woven on two needles and printsypu "weaving a cross", ie needles go in opposite directions. Making of 5 white beads circle. 2. Step Two.Taurus. Dress at the right end of line three beads, one on the left and cross it. Then pass through the left end of the next white bead, and the right to put on a black, one blue and one more to cross the blue. In short, printsyp simple: pass through the left-hand thread in the the main range, and the right dress two beads and cross it all in third. The scheme of all this is so. Naturally derived from a Japanese magazine. I do not remember names, because downloaded from there a couple of circuits. Further photographer, how it should look like in real life. In my opinion, everything is clear and further comment is almost unnecessary.

Putting all of one black bead, in which the cross pins.
Must have something sort of thing: We proceed to the second row.

the same as the picture above. continue to follow the scheme, but now the top is a bead and secured one too, and pass through the bottom, just like we did with a white circle, just after 2 beads at once.

at the end of the right end is passed directly through the three beads and again anchoring the intersection of a blue bead. in the end you should get this kind of thing. 3.Third step. Beak. Derive ends grove between the eyes. we cross them in the yellow bead and output down. 4. Step four. Feet. We carry a fishing line over a white bead and make a foot. So on both sides.

5. Step five. Wings. Print the scaffold after paw up towards his eyes and immediately make the wings. 6. Step Six. Tail. Print the ends of fishing line on top. Again, two identical pictures, the better to consider where the show ends. then do the workpiece 3 beads attached to each other just fine on the line. The journal should take the same beads, but plenty of size. But since I do not have that choice in size, out of a situation like that.

7. The seventh step. All anchoring, tying. A bird is ready.


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