Crafty jewelry: Starfish and beads

Need to weave a star beads in two sizes and two colors: 1st row: fix one large bead (in this case blue), put on another 4 blue and we close all the beads in the ring: 2ryad: continue to spin in circles and weaving on a blue beads between all bead of the previous row, wearing the latest biserinuetogo range, hold the needle through the two beads three series: the whip around, but now between the bead will be the second row of blue beads, 2 Row 4: blue beads form the rays of stars, there will always be put in 2 blue beads, in the gaps between the beams of blue beads kolisestvo will gradually add up, first there will be one then two and so on until you get the Scourge at every ray of 6 pairs of blue beads Scourge last series as well, with the addition of blue beads, but the blue bead will be one result was a half stars, like the whip the other half (without the last row). You can decorate each half, for example, white pearls, and in the middle of a star each (to close the hole), it is desirable to weave a blue bead halves alternately Now sew them together and do not forget to fill the star to save the pieces of plastic sheeting, for example here and turned a star! I have to go about making chasa.Vsem luck in development! Apologies for photo quality, better, unfortunately did not work ... And it's children's works:Brelochek kondrat'evoy Nastia and Masha SobolevaAuthor Natalia Medvedeva, 


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