Crafty jewelry: Twining hours with beads

You will need: 
1. Czech seed beads - approximately 25 grams. 
2. Czech beads large - 16 pcs. 
3. Czech beads "artificial pearls": 4 mm - 47 pcs., 5-6 mm - 12 pcs., 8 mm - 12 pcs. 
4. Hours in a plastic case. (Search in MEGA, the tents with the clock flight, cost 390 rubles.) 
5. Thread, wax, needles, clasp. 
6. Carol Wilcox Wells book "Beading" (in this book will provide links to diagrams)

Let's start with braiding her watch: 
1. We type the way "Direct series, an even number of beads" (the book p. 99, fig. 6) 32 beads, and whips around two series of increases without (on the book by page 99, Figure 7, page 100 of Fig. 14 and 15). The result should be: 2. The next series of the whip in such a way: the two beads in a herringbone, a bead between the herringbone pattern.Get this: 3. Fourth row - two beads in the Christmas tree, then skip the needle into the bead of the previous row between the fir-tree, and again two beads in a herringbone pattern. Here's the complete fourth series: 4. Fifth row - third analog, but instead of beads to add a large bead. Also, as the fourth row, we perform the sixth. Ie pass again on the same large beads. And here's the result. 5. Just whip has two rows, only between herringbone add a bead of 4 mm. But in case: 6. Scourge has two rows in the same way as the previous two, but the direct and inverse series, instead of a single bead leaving a hole so you can adjust the time on the clock. Braid starts to shrink - it is the lateral surface of hours. Here's the result. 7. Next whip two series of direct-return series, but instead of beads between the herringbone weave of two beads. In fact, this is the bottom of the clock. Another set of lashes, passing the needle into the beads of the previous row.In the next row, inserting a sheath into the watch case and adding where necessary beads, braiding is contractible, while closing the circle. Several times we pass to the strength of this series and fasten thread. 's ready body front and back 8. Now, whip bracelet boxes for hours. We collect the stop bead, leaving a long tail, and 36 beads, a way to "set, multiple 4" (book by page 97, 98, fig. 1, 2 and 3). Scourge box of 9 pairs of verticals (firs), a height of 14 series (for "Arabica") or 13 rows (for "August Snow"). For "the August snow" in the fourteenth row of each fur-tree podpletaem not two, but one bead - obtained such peak. Fasten thread. Remove the stop bead and bead podpletaem one Christmas tree in each of the first row - we get the same on both sides pikushki rectangle. Results of such rectangles must weave 6. 9. Now all join ... on both sides of the body pass through the wire with two needles at the ends. On the thread to string beads in series 4 mm rectangle (on the corner - 4 series and a Christmas tree), 5-6, or a bead 8 mm stitches rectangle, again large beads, stitches again a rectangle, a small bead between the rectangles, and so tightens and stitches back and forth, attach a clasp, fasten the thread. Also proceed with the second end of the thread. Similarly, sew to the body of the second half of the bracelet. Hours are ready. I hope everything is clear. I will answer all your questions.


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