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The whole secret of the skirt cylinder - the difference in the length of the main length of the skirt and lining.  
So, the pattern skirt cylinder borrowed from the sun-skirts or polusolntse , depending on the desired splendor.
Building a pattern skirt flares sun.
In order to build a pattern and sew this skirt, you need to remove two measurements: 
the pot (poluobhvat waist) and Du (length skirts). For example, take the pot = 34 cm and 68 cm = Du 
Pattern skirt flares sun is a circle with a central notch radius is calculated as the third poluobhvata waist minus 1 cm: 
R = 1 / 3 * 34 - 1 cm = 11 cm
Pattern skirt flares sun. The top pattern - with two seams, cutting a narrow fabric. Lower - seamless pattern, cutting a broad-cloth, folded in half.
Pattern Flared skirts polusolntse with one side seam.

Balloon skirt - will consist of two skirts, the upper, outer and bottom lining. 
The upper skirt is cut out in the sun or the pattern polusolntse, but the hem is 30 cm longer than the desired length of skirt. 
The lower skirt cut out up to 10 cm shorter than the desired length. 
Side seams of skirts worn down. The next step - to connect the upper and lower skirt at the hem. Hem skirt neatly prisbarivaetsya to the width of the lower skirt, and then the lower edge of skirt sostrachivayutsya. Then, put the petticoat at the top, with the belt petticoat can be rotated relative to the upper zone on the fourth lap. This rotation will give a very interesting effect of the helical twisting balloon skirts. Then the skirt are sewed together by a belt. The top skirt is very well draw a flirt. That's all, balloon skirt is ready! And make this your own hands, one more reason to be proud of yourself!


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