Gift ideas for women: Coin purse tutorial

Purse Tutorial 2  

Tutorial: DIY Coin Purse

Purse Tutorial 14
You have seen these a lot in the last few days. Coin purses. Perfect for change, lipstick or other little necessities. And here's how you can make your own in lengthy detail.
Coin Purse Tutorial Supplies
- free pattern (download here)
- curved sew-on purse frame 3.3/8 inches or 8.5 cm
- fabric for shell and lining
- scissors
- fabric marker
- needle
- thread
- embroidery thread (optional)
Purse Tutorial 2
Cut out pattern from free downloadable pdf.

Purse Tutorial 3
Transfer pattern onto the fabric.

Purse Tutorial 4
Cut out 2 pieces for outer shell and 2 for lining.
Remember to transfer the markings from the pattern as well.

Purse Tutorial 5
Embroider or print or embellish the outer shell any way your like. (Optional)
You can also use interesting printed fabric as your base and skip embellishment.
The tweed above is from recycled trousers. They needed a little something extra.

Purse Tutorial 6
Place the right sides together. The blue/black lines are markers to show the opening for the frame.

Purse Tutorial 7
Use a simple running stitch and leave the marked top curved part open. (This is where the purse frame will be attached.) You can also use a backstitch.

Purse Tutorial 8
Do the same with the lining, leaving the top curved part open and the bottom part as well.
I always leave a long thread which can then be used to attach the lining, though you don't have to.
The bottom opening is used for turning the purse inside out. (You'll see that step later.)
Purse Tutorial 9
Place the outer shell right side out into the lining. (with the stitching on the outside).

Purse Tutorial 10
This is how it looks. Now attach the lining to the outer shell.
Use the same thread you sewed the lining with or start a new one.

Purse Tutorial 11
Stitch all the way around the upper curved part. The start is pictured above.
The side seams of the lining are folded to one side, the outer shell to the other side.

Purse Tutorial 12
Time to turn the purse inside out.

Purse Tutorial 13
Push the outer part through the opening in the lining.

Purse Tutorial 14
Close the opening in the lining. A slip stitch will work.

Purse Tutorial 15
Time to attach the frame.

If you are a beginner I would recommend using a bit of glue to hold the frame in place while you sew it on.
You can also finish the purse at this stage, by permanently attaching the frame with adhesive.
This can be done by placing a line of glue onto the curved edge and gluing the frame in place.
If you prefer sewing, read on.

Purse Tutorial 16
This is how it would look, if you glued it in place.

Purse Tutorial 17
Double your thread and stitch through the holes grabbing the fabric to attach the frame.

Purse Tutorial 18
Voila, a framed coin purse.

Purse Tutorial 2

If you have any questions, no matter how simple or mundane, please don't be shy and email me! It's important for my learning to understand what the difficult areas are and how I can present them better.  This technique can be used to sew any lined bag by hand.

It takes about 1 hour to 1.5 hours if you don't embroider anything too complicated. The first time might take longer. The sew on frames are available from several etsy sellers and ebay as well. Sadly, there seems to be no American company producing these frames. So I order from ebay and get them in larger quantities as they make a perfect gift for many occasions.


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