Gift presents: Closed umbrella doll


- scraps of fabric 
- the thread 
- a skewer, 
- beads,


 Make a closed umbrella for dolls quickly and very easily. To begin cut out a piece of fabric sector and sew along the edge of lace.  
The second step - sew an umbrella in the form of a cone.
Winds skewer of desired length suitable for the color of thread.
Insert a skewer into the tip of an umbrella, and fasten with glue. Can be put on top of the bell bead.
But you can decorate the bead at the bottom of the handle. Here's how:
It remains to pull off a strip of lace parasol, and he's ready!
Tip-bonus: if we replace the skewer with wire, you can make a curved handle of an umbrella.
Good luck!


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