Gift presents: Perfectly Imperfect Ruffled Tank Top

The dog-days of summer are upon us. Bring on the watermelon, shorts, flip-flops and tank tops. Tank tops seem to be a dime a dozen during the summer months, so why not jazz up your plain ol’ tank to make it unforgettable. This is a very simple tutorial on how to make a perfectly imperfect ruffled tank.
Step One: Gather your supplies

1. Tank top – any tank top will do. My tank top is a toddler size tank top from Old Navy ($6.50).
2. Jersey fabric – using jersey fabric from your stash is a great way to de-stash your stash as well as save money (Free).
3. Ribbon – again you could use ribbon from your stash (I have so much ribbon in my stash I could probably open up shop). However, if you do not have ribbon lying around, Hobby Lobby always has ribbon on sale (Free – $3).
Note: Either the jersey fabric or ribbon can be optional. You could easily use either one or the other.
Total project cost: $7-$10
Step Two: Cut your strips. My jersey fabric strips I cut anywhere from ¼ inch to ½ inch wide and about 31 inches long. The length of your strips will depend on how much of a ruffle you want and how large your tank top is (for example: adult tanks will need a longer strip). My ribbon strips were cut about the same length as the jersey strips give or take. You can cut as many or as little strips as you want (one strip = one ruffle). I chose to go with three as this seemed a good number.
Step Three: Pin the ruffles on your tank. As you can see I used a plethora of pins, so make sure you have lot on hand. There really is no method to make this step easier. Play with your fabric/ribbon until your ruffles are arranged the way you like them. I twisted, folded, bunched, and twirled. Have fun with it. Imperfection make perfect.
Step Four: Sew on your ruffles. The main thing to remember here is not to stretch your tank top. Jersey is another one of those persnickety fabrics to work with, so take your time. Your ruffles might take on a slightly different shape at this point, but that is ok it just gives them more character.
Step Five: This is a big step. Do not skip it. Make sure that all your pins are taken out of your ruffles (the pins have a way of hiding among the ruffles). Not a pleasant thing to find as you (or your baby) are trying on the new tank.
Step Six: Wear your new tank. Love your new tank. Embrace the awesomeness of the perfect imperfection.


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