Kids Easter ideas: Furry chick in a basket chick

We offer some simple ideas to help you get down to business the whole family, including your kids, try together to decorate the house and fill it with warmth and joy. All necessary materials are available in children's art products. Furry chick in a basket chick you need: 

  • shenilnaya (chenille) fluffy ornamental wire work
  • soft cotton white pompoms
  • Glue "Moment" or hot-melt (gun) 

1. Cut the piece of wire (head-chick) and rolled into a tight spiral. Cut the second piece (for wings) and twist both ends to produce a curved element in the form of figures 3 (see photo). 
2. Take a white pompom, glue it to the bird's head ("point" or a gun) and the wings, rounding back on top. It remains to glue the paper eyes and beak chick. 

1. From wire of any color cut off 4 pieces, add them in the form of flakes, and glue in the center. Ctavim snowflakes in the center of the bowl to give it a rounded shape and lifts the ends of the wire to form bowls. Weave wire segments in a snowflake as weaving baskets. For the stability of a small circle cut out of cardboard and glue to the bottom of the basket. 
2. Make a pen, twisting two lengths of wire, fasten the edges of the basket and tie bows for decoration. zaychata Funny

You will need: 

  • white cotton pompoms (if they are the same size, some can be exactly trimming scissors to reduce)
  • slices of orange and white felt
  • beads for eyes, glue

1. Reduce a pompom - it's the tail spot. Two large glue pompoms together (head and body), and a little glue behind. Of white felt, cut out the legs and stand-body glue on the stand.  
2. Cut from the orange felt two lugs in the shape of leaves. Glue them to the ground. Pushing the pompom and glue ears. You can also paste in two black beads - eyes, nose instead - a bow of red satin ribbon or yarn. branch for chicks take any branch, with floral glue gun or attach to its base a thick rope and pulls it tight rings, being careful not to leave free place. To mask the ends of branches, artificial flowers can be glued.


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