Kids easter ideas: Pots of herbs on the window

With the approach of spring and summer season amateur fields and gardens are arranged on the windowsill of their homes pots planted with the varietal seeds. If the space no longer exists - Hang your garden

1Take a thin yellow felt and using a template, two vykroyte details for turnips. You can also use plaschovku. Put the parts together and stitch on the sewing machine, leaving nezastrochennoy straight away. Margin straight sides bend outward by 1 cm and stitch to form kulisku. Carefully remove the piece.
2With the safety pin, insert the laundry kulisku gum.

3To make the roots the roots, take the sewing thread and not severing the thread, cut the "lock" on some segments of 6-8 cm in length at the end of each segment is tie a knot.Then, a segment in vdev wide eye of a needle, pull yarn through the felt, secure it by repeated needle puncture into the tissue. Pull the needle, and again at the end tie a knot. Repeat.
4From decorative cord yellow cut a length of 50-100 cm and sew the ends to the planters felt. Inside and paste sintepon pots (without necessarily openings for water drainage), which can put the greens.
5Your pots "turnip" is ready!


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