Learn quilting: patchwork purse, tutorial


Now, if anyone is interested - a master class (photos are not very successful) 
We need three fabrics (let's call them dark, light and plaid).
 From each fabric cut into strips of 12 1.25 "x 6" (3,4 x15, 5 cm)
 Face to Face sew a strip of dark and light fabric strip along one long side
 Turns and retrieve suture
 Between the double stripes sewn prepared strips of plaid fabric
 Once all the strips in place, closes the ring and turned it there
 Now form the curls - on top of the double stripes on the right and lay the stitches.And on the bottom - left and also stitches
 Along the lower edge once more paving the bottom line and delaying
Upholstered button 2 cm in diameter tie sew in place, covering the seam so
 Getting to the lining. Of lining material cut out a piece of 5 "x12" (12,8 x30 cm).Fold in half and sew. The lower edge of paving the line and drag out
 Put the lining inside and sew the top edge
To finish the top edge will need two strips of fabric 1.5 "x 6" (4h15 cm). After treatment, sew the sides follows the upper edge. Then exaggerates sewn stripes inside out and sew a seam hiding inside. Also sew second strip
 Thus we get a receptacle for cords
For zavyazok need two cords or ribbons on the ends of the cords 75 cm handle as desired. 
I hope that all was clear. I am pleased to see if someone sew in another color version. 
Good luck and effort into coming a long work week! :)



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