Ornament craft: crochet cows faces

Bull Crochet

Author: Tatyana Rodionova
For the manufacture of small calf to the ring, 2 buttons (beads), construction paper, yarn in two colors.

From the threads of the 1st color tie sc in Scheme 1 oval 3x5 cm completed the first series, getting involved in detail the ring. Tie one oval next article w / o thread 2nd color. To the top of the head tie on two trapeze scheme. Tie it with two rows of a different color thread. In the 1st series of tie (red +) begin to carry out their ears (to link the chain of 7 ce, on her return to the bars of varying heights). In the 2nd row (blue +), tie the ears station w / n, associate a bang from the chains of 8-10 ce (White bull), or to make a brush (black goby).


From construction paper cut out a triangle, tightly wound on his needle, glue the tip, bend the ends of the horns.



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