Paper sky lantern

This fruit cloud captivated me at first sight, and not only delicious, "rain" on the line, but also for its versatility. It can be a magnificent interior decoration, can entertain guests, or even if, instead of paper sheets to take acrylic and placed inside a light bulb, and then perform the role of the lamp.  What will you need? sheets of heavy paper or cardboard, scissors thin fishing line or strong thread of plastic fruit, paper snowflakes, artificial or real flowers, leaves, buds, nuts, candies ... (whatever you want, but not heavy slizhkom) How is it done? save this template on your computer. Print. If you need the ball more or less, resize Images in photo editing. Pay attention to symbols: asterisks and arrows.

Cut 30 identical parts of the pattern.
Connect the parts. The joints are marked by asterisks and arrows. Asterisks connected with asterisks, arrows with arrows. Thus, you should get two different connections (node). For the connection of the stars need 5 parts, and for the connection of only 3 arrows.
Continue to gather up as long as you do not get such a star.
Continue to build up to get the ball.
Attach the thread to the suspension.
Make a loop at the free end of the thread.
Attach the thread to the ball.


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