Patchwork balls for Kids: sewing tutorial

 To begin with we need to properly draw a pentagon. I did it with a compass on obyasnyalke Wikipedia. Further cuts out 12 pentagons. If the fabric is thin, then I'm sure it will duplicate the fleece. Our ball is designed for intensive use, and therefore must be dense.
 We get from the store, boxes, chests, jars of their wealth and choose to your taste.
For the ball we have 30 podvesochek.
 That's decided to play around macroshot)))

Well, that's enough to spoil))) expand our patterns and suspension on the table and example.
 Now, as I do. To begin, I sew five suspensions to the central pentagon. Firstly, in consequence we no longer have to adjust them for outlining an additional, and secondly it provides additional reinforcement of the joint.Even if suddenly, for whatever reason, it is incredible rasporetsya, the suspension will remain in place.
 Further, for stitching seams we start deviating from the edge of a line the width of the allowance. And finish it just before reaching the end of the width of the allowance.
 Subsequently, as every detail of the stitches. Anchoring the line in any convenient way. When sewing is more convenient when the central pentagon at the top. Then we could see the previous line.
 Here's what you should have as a result.

 Once again we catch podvesochki and stitches.
 If we did everything correctly, you will be here in this corner.
 One part is ready. Sew another suspension for open cut.
 When I completed the second, the children decided to organize a photo shoot.

 The two parts are connected as a puzzle and get a ball here.


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