Recycing ideas: Denim handbag - purse for small ladies

You wondered what would have to do crafts with my daughter, that somehow it take? Maybe that's right for you is a denim handbag:
Bags for girls from the pockets of old jeans
These small and neat little handbag for women of fashion are made, as you might have guessed from the pockets of old jeans . This bag can be made ​​in one evening. And my daughter so she can like it, it will be with her ​​for a long time to play. Indeed, in this pocket is comfortable to wear every trifle.

What you need

  • Old jeans;
  • scissors;
  • needle and thread;
  • ribbons or braided rope;
  • iron-on transfers, applications, paint - decorating;
  • tape-Velcro fasteners or buttons.

Sew baby bag out of the pockets of old jeans

First of all, carefully cut out the back pocket of old jeans (you can take and daddy, but my mother might be "interesting" at the expense of the finishing machine embroidery stitches.) Try to cut as close as possible to afford to extra material around not sticking, but also the pocket will remain intact.
Prepare a "strap" for a bag in which a girl can wear it over your shoulder. This may be a thin ribbon or rope-twine.
Now it's time the most interesting part - decorating the resulting bag. Here - space for a child's imagination.You can:
  • pocket decals to decorate;
  • draw something paints for fabric;
  • embroider or sew beads and decorative buttons;
  • make application.
Some girls may like the idea to embroider or paint on the bag your initials.
The bag-closed pocket, you can sew to the inside of Velcro or a button to make a valve.
In the finished bag a girl can put their most expensive items, or use it as a beautician.
Here are examples of such children's handbags


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