Recycling ideas: fashion dress and top for baby and mom

"Shirred and Shared Dress" Tutorial!

For wearing:

And sharing!

And it's so very simple to make!

1. Grab one of daddy's shirts, and remove the pocket with a seam ripper. (You could also even off the bottom of the shirt and hem at this point, but I like the rounded bottom.) If you want it to fit yourself, choose a men's shirt in the same size you'd wear in women's.
2. Cut the bottom off right under the arm seams, and hem.
3. Unbutton the shirt, and shirr around the top, starting and ending at the edges of the button strip. (Shirring tutorial here, if you need it! It's so easy!)

How many rows and how far apart is up to you! I sewed thirteen rows, and lined my presser foot up with the previous row to ensure even lines.
4. (Optional) Add a little gap-security by hand stitching a few snaps in between the first two buttons.
5. If you want to add straps, cut four strips that are double your desired width, plus seam allowance. Mine are 2"x16". Sew each strip together with right sides facing, to make a tube.
6. Attach a safety pin to the end and scoot it through to the other side for an easy way to turn them inside-out!
7. Fold under and pin your straps on. (You may want to try it on her first to get the right placement!) Sew to dress.

That's it!

Paige loves hers, it's cute enough for dress-up times, and comfortable enough for play time!

This is super comfy as a shirt-but do you see what I mean about my needing a belt with everything? I turn into a shapeless blob in flowey shirts. :o(


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