Recycling ideas: Lauren headband tutorial

The "Lauren" Headband Tutorial!

*squeal* I'm excited about this one!!

Meet the latest product of my imagination: the "Lauren" headband!

I love a girly, cutesy headband to hold back my forehead fringe. But sometimes the occasion (or outfit) calls for a little more simplicity and grown-upness.
The only thing more exciting than how easy this is, is how cheap it is!!
The version Paige is wearing was made from this old $.50 cosmetic case from the thrift store. Nice! You probably have something lying around the house that you could use!

To make it:

(adult sized measurements)

1. Cut two 15"x 3/4" strips from an old purse, cosmetic case, or whatever. It doesn't have to be real leather, in fact, the taupe version that I'm wearing is naugahyde vinyl, I believe. (From my stash, believe it or not!)
2. Start folding into two loops, a larger in back, and smaller in front, and mirror for the other side.
3. Put a dot of glue between layers. You'll need a nice, strong E6000 type of glue, as leather probably won't hold hot glue very well.
4. Glue a 2"x1/2" strip around the middle and then glue it to the headband wherever you'd like, holding it all together with a clothespin (or by setting a book on it) until the glue dries.
5. Cut small slits about 1/4" from the bottom of each side of your headband, just large enough to slide your elastic (approx. 7") through.
6. Stitch your elastic together with a zigzag, trim the excess, and you're done!

(Toddler measurements are: two 13"x1/2" strips, with 1/34"x3/8" strip around middle of bow. 6" elastic)

If you're wondering where I found the beige elastic, I just threw the elastic pieces in a small pot of boiled water with 6 tea bags for about ten minutes! Easy!

Simple and elegant.
I love it!


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