Towels luxury: decorate a towel

 Funny towel tutorial

Originally made from paper pattern boots, fold the paper in half and cut out the boots of the mirror.

Now cut sleeves (denim), ankle boots (same color as the cuff).

According to one edge of the towel sew cuffs.

Then, just below the cuff sew two ribbons - one matching the color of the cuff, and the second coinciding with the color of a towel.

"Bootleg" sew boots with dark thread.

Now, put them face to face, sew around the perimeter of a sewing machine, leaving nezashitoy up "bootlegs."

Remove the top through the boots on the front side, hem the "bootleg", flash the boots in the middle.

Sew the boots to the towel, just below the cuff.

Of the two openwork laces tie melenkih two and one big bows.

Garnish with two small boots.

A large - cuffs.

All - towel decorated, will present an unusual and memorable for years to come!


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