Towels luxury: DOLLS FOR TISSUE.

moranguinhos (2) (525x700, 113Kb) 
 Cross Stitch kits
A few ideas for embroidery cross dolls. This embroidery is possible to issue a towel, napkin, handkerchief, pillow case.
moranguinhos (4) (484x700, 99Kb)

moranguinhos (5) (516x700, 107Kb)
moranguinhos (6) (522x700, 119Kb)
moranguinhos (542x700, 135Kb)
moranguinho (1)b (700x230, 54Kb)
moranguinho (2)a (700x207, 49Kb)
moranguinho (4) (700x375, 68Kb)
moranguinho (5) (700x478, 120Kb)
moranguinhoa (700x211, 47Kb)
moranguinhob (700x188, 45Kb)
moranguinho (6) (618x700, 145Kb)
moranguinho (7) (700x402, 90Kb)e


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