White casket: beaded tutorial

Strangely enough, but it's easier to weave a round box, not square.
Casket "Laconic"
1. Materials
- lots and lots of round beads size 6 / 0 (2 beads in a 1 cm) or 7 / 0 (7 beads in 3cm) - less is not necessary, and then run time is greatly increased; 
- blunt needle for embroidery and thick yarn (preferably - "Snowflake") 
- a plastic transparent container (round or square, with a round easier to work) 
- three large beads to the top pimpochki; 
- glue (very good transparent "Moment of sealant").

2. Tying the box (in a cross weave).
a) In the box to cut off the top, if it is thickened.
b) dial on the thread and slide the beads 4 thread in the first bead. Get a ring of 4 beads.
c) Podpletat beads to keep receiving the ring-4. In the first row of 3 beads podpletayutsya in the following series - 2.
d) to weave a rectangular canvas. 
Length - slightly less than the perimeter of the box.
Width = height + 2 rows of boxes on top Acc + 2 rows on the bottom Acc.
e) Connect the canvas in a circle.
Put the box. The canvas should sit tight, do not hang out.
If you get too wide, you need to not be lazy and to dissolve the extra ranks. 
If for fixing dangling braids apply glue, then any good it will not - and will be twisted linen waves.
e) missed the top box of glue inside.
Bend the edge of the canvas.
Fix their clothespins. Make sure that the pegs do not distort the edge.
g) When the glue to grab, flip the box upside down. The ends of beads on a string type. Pull the thread, tie the ends to hide.
Round braided cover is not completely, but with openings.
First round woven medial element that podpletayutsya rays of equal length. 
Rays joined the circle arcs. 
On the arc can be optionally podplesti more rays, which in turn is also connected by arcs.
In the weaving must closely monitor that the rays were the same length. 
out of colored paper cut two piece lids and glue them together. 
In woven "snowflake" glue.
Put the lid on a cardboard blank, putting beads low evenly, without bias. 
put a heavy weight on top and leave overnight.
Bend protruding beads inside out and sew them cover each other.

For beauty can podplesti fringe on the edges of the cover.
4. SQUARE cover 
is made ​​two-sided billet cover made ​​of colored picture.
Woven cloth to fit the lid. 
to weave a better way as the casket - a cross with 4 beads. For more free air and the picture can be woven into rings of 8 beads. 
(I'm weaving rings of 6 beads. The canvas got too tough - it bends in one direction only. I had to inflexible toward the edge of the usual cross dopletat of 4 beads.)
When the blade is equal to the square cover is ready to continue to weave the edge for bending. 
The shape of the finished product will resemble a cross. 
Glue fabric to cardboard base. 
Pull the thread at beads and pulled away.
We will see that the angles of the cover on the back left bare - not filled with beads. 
gently, focusing on space, podplesti beads in the corners.
5. The inner edge of the lid (to fix the lid on the box).
If you put the lid on the ready-ready box, it is the slightest touch will move out. 
It needs to be fixed. 
To do this, podplesti edge beads on the back of the lid.
In the extreme number of beads (which stretched across addictive thread) podplesti cross 3 rows of beads. 
Please note: 
a) need not Podpletat beads for each bead of the prolonged series, and through one. 
b) If the number of beads in a tightened not fit snugly together , and between them there are gaps, then the series should not podpletat as in a), ie Using beads in one, and navigate to the place - somewhere to take beads from a single, and somewhere and running. 
The main thing that podpletennye ranks were not constricted, but not too loose. 
constricted series will bend toward the center of the lid, and too free - to the edge. 
a) At the turn it is desirable to use smaller beads.
The resulting fluff from the inside edge of the adhesive.
And bend.
Leave to harden.
6. Pimpochka.
a) Dial the circle of alternating large and small beads. 3 large and 3 small. 
b) The small beads podplesti arc of an odd number (I - 5 pieces) small beads.
c) The average arc beads assemble into a ring by adding between them even on a bead.Will range from 6 beads.
d) On the three beads (these may be secondary arc beads and beads podpletennye) weave the crosses - a ring consisting of the most beads and 3 extra. 
We get three "legs".
Thread to fix the ends to hide. 
d) "Paws" to anoint with glue and attach to the middle of the lid.


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