Artists exhibitions: Great embroidered pictures, craft ideas

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Artists exhibitions: Great embroidered pictures, craft ideas
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 Unusual wall hangings made by Yuri Nikolayevich Hovsepyan and his students by hand by our own technology, to date, have no analogues in Russia and Europe. Their uniqueness lies in the first place, in a very creative approach artistic design, boundless imagination and extraordinary technique.
     Interested in bulk non-woven tapestries, Yuri Hovsepian invented their own techniques for creating volume, relief, and through it was to implement their own compositions.      In his writings, except for wool, the author uses the semi-wool, angora, alpaca, acrylic, viscose, cotton, and also introduces a harmonious wooden items, beads and stones.
     In recent years, at an experimental level developed techniques combining technology surround tapestry with other kinds of needlework.      Depending on the lighting changes the color composition, and specific details of different cast shadows. The bizarre play of light fascinates fans of this genre, creating a sense of belonging to the magic of a fairy tale.Sometimes one picture is used up to 60 shades. One tapestry on average spend up to 2 kg of yarn.      Yurii not only master a single parent, he is primarily a teacher with a unique approach to each student (as he calls his disciples). He succeeds in everything, not knowing how to draw, to instill confidence in achieving this goal. A goal is the same at all - to find the creator and with the help of the teacher to give freedom to his concealed fantasy.

     With uncomplicated graphic tests in a playful way students unwittingly, a taste, they will have to create original compositions by hunting and then translate them into technology surround tapestry. Therefore, the first lessons are focusing on the creative potential of every student and every student. Lessons are held once a week for 3-4 hours, which pass unnoticed and is always a desire to stay for another hour - the result of magic, creative atmosphere that prevails throughout the lesson. To the sound of relaxation music, students are transferred into a fantasy world, completely disconnected from everyday cares and concerns.      His disciples Yuri conveys all the subtleties of technique and original teaching methods taught to create their own song and think extraordinary.



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