Birthday ideas for kids; Geometric Paper Garlands

Birthday ideas for kids; Geometric Paper Garlands
After last week's Crafty Gathering post - especially the paper garlands from Weekday Carnival and the watercolour paper cups from Stephanie Polli, I got inspired to make some paper garlands with Yashar using a mix of coloured paper and paper we painted using watercolours.

This was a great activity to do with Yashar!  He loved it - the painting, the cutting and then the important job of handing me the next piece to sew  ;)

To make them we first painted strips of watercolour paper with watercolour paint.  While they were drying we cut lots of triangles.  Then we cut the just about dry watercolour ones.  We weren't too particular at all about the triangles being perfect.  Yashar was very proud that he learnt to cut a triangle!  

Then we lined them up on the table arranging them in a rough pattern.  Then I sewed as Yashar handed me the next triangle for sewing.   You can see in the photo below that we managed to work a little bit of neon pink in!  (they were cut from post-it notes)
 That's it!  Nice and quick - which is great for Yashar's age and he was so happy to see them displayed up on the wall (and so was I!).
The wall sticker was a prototype for the deer party set of wall stickers I created - it seemed to be pretty happy to be hanging out amongst the garlands!


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