Craft lessons: Shell Crochet trim

It is believed that the earliest crocheted projects in the past were finger-crocheted and evolving from traditional practices in Arabia, South America and China. In Europe it gains popularity in the 19th century.
Crochet (meaning “hook” in French) consists of a series of interlocking and pulling loops of thread through other loops and incorporates wrapping the thread (called stitches) around the hook one or more times to create various intricate and highly detailed patterns. Various stitches and patterns can be created. Some of the more common stitches known are: Chain, Slip Stitch, Single Crochet, Half-Double Crochet, Double/Treble Crochet, Popcorn Crochet, Cluster Crochet, etc.

(A detail from a centerpiece crocheted by my grandmother)
In the past crochet was used for decoration of the home and the clothes with which they gained a more luxurious look.
Recently the crocheting of trims and edgings increased in popularity once again. Trims are crocheted to enrich pillowcases, bed sheets and clothes. I like to use them to decorate and beautify simple tees.

Here is a little tutorial of how to crochet the basics for a trim on an actual garment.

What you need:
A simple tee, a crochet thread and a hook.
Step 1: Mark the neckline where you are going to make the foundation. Use a ruler for this and mark it with a washable marker .
Step 2: For the foundation I used the blanket stitch.
Step 3: When you come to the end turn and crochet a single crochet in each stitch of the foundation. I crocheted 2 sc because the foundation gap was big.
Step 4: Choose a trim pattern and crochet on.


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