Crafts for fashion: add a zip pocket to shorts in 5 easy steps and 15 mins!

You can add a useful pocket to your shorts like this in 5 steps and 15 mins! 
Just perfect for carrying your keys and phone when you go out for a walk or perhaps a jog!
Crafts for fashion: add a zip pocket to shorts in 5 easy steps and 15 mins! 
Sewing patterns
You can add this pocket to any item of clothing , and make it just the size you need!
Here's how:
Step 1.
Get the item of clothing you want to add your pocket to, 
 2 pieces of fabric the size of the pocket you want
and 1 zip the size you want!

Step 2.
Place one piece of the pocket fabric on the outside of your clothes item where you want it to be, and pin into place.
Then using a pencil and ruler, draw a rectangle where you want the opening for the zip to be - use your zip as a guide for the size:
Step 3.
Machine stitch around all sides of the rectangle you have drawn...
and then cut a line down the centre of the rectange (through both pieces of fabric)

Cut the corners like this:

Step 4.
Push the pocket through to the back of the main clothes fabric. If you like you can press this to help you keep it flat:
Then pin the zip into place, so the part you open is showing through your new hole!

Stitch around the zip using the zipper foot on your machine to get nice and close:
Step 5.
Turn to the back of your pocket - and pin on the other piece of pocket fabric:
Then stitch around all 4 sides to enclose the pocket!


Now pop in your keys and phone - and head on out for a lovely walk!



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