Crafts for home and gifts: Panel "Birch" picture

 Crafts for home and gifts: Panel "Birch" picture

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Panel "Birch" 
Size: 70 x 35 cm 
A little thread of white, gray, black, light mustard, dark mustard, light green, green, and flax-colored. Hook number 3. Thick cardboard, 70 × 35 cm patch of linen 90 × 45 cm Execution: The barrel is made ​​of birch sc white threads, and then made ​​embroidery top, imitating the trunk of a birch. Twigs are made ​​of chains of black VP threads. Birch earrings are made ​​of light and dark mustard threads. For each link earrings 20 - 25 LP and they knit one row of CH, performing four of CH in each loop of the chain. Leaflets run threads of green and light green color, no CX. 1. All the elements lay on the fabric, creating a composition conceived, and then sew or glue to the fabric. Stretch fabric on a piece of cardboard and attach. Tie linen thread, lace on the edge of the ex. 2.


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