Crafts for home: Pin Tuck Wave Pillow tutorial, sewing pattern

 Crafts for home: Pin Tuck Wave Pillow tutorial, sewing pattern
It was really simple to make.
I got 1/2 yard of all 3 colors which will make more than 1 pillow. Once the fabric was washed and ironed, I started making pin tucks. I used pins to secure them, then I ironed them.

Just make a small fold, about 1/4-1/2 inch. I made sure the folds were wavy and after the first couple of rows it went really quick.

After a few rows, I would iron it on the wrong side, and then sew.

I was not concerned about getting perfect distance from the edge of the pin tucks. As a matter of fact, I tried sewing large waves.

When I was done, I cut a strip from each color (mine were 7.5 inches) and sewed them together. Then I just cut the sides to make them straight. (As you can see, the sides are not even.)

Measured it and cut the same size square from extra fabric I had around. Sew the pieces together, right sides facing each other, just make sure you leave an opening for the stuffing.
Clipped the corners, turned it right side out, stuffed it and sewed up the hole. Done. My son already claimed it. No problem, I can make a couple more easily from the leftover fabric.



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