Crafts for summer: easy sewing patterns for women

How to Make a Ladies' Simple Ruched Halter Top

Skill level: super simple.
sewing patterns
Cut off the main body part of your hubby's tshirt to fit around your bust loosely. Or, if using a length of jersey, fit it loosely around your body then sew up the side so you have a tube.

Measure just above your bust for a length of elastic. Turn over the top once and stitch in place to form a casing for an elastic. Remember, jersey doesn't fray so don't bother finishing the raw edges.

Thread your elastic through the casing.

Now cut a wide length of fabric - about half as wide as the front of the shirt and 1.5 times as long.

Using your sewing machine, gather each side of the strip.

Distribute the gathered edges evenly and pin into place on the front of the shirt. Remember not to pin too tightly at the top as the elastic is going to need a little room to stretch.
Sew down each side, taking care not to stitch the front of the shirt to the back of the shirt like I did. Hem the bottom, or leave a raw edge.



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