Crafts for summer: Tooth Fairy Pillow tutorial, sewing pattern

I let him sort through my stash of knits to be recycled to choose what fabric to make it out of.  He chose a cute little tie-died onesie.
Crafts for summer: Tooth Fairy Pillow  tutorial, sewing pattern

Here is how I made the pillow:

You will need:
about 1/8 yard of fabric
coordinating thread
stuffing for the pillow
something to do the name, you could use embroidery thread, fabric markers or a Sharpie

I cut two pieces 5 inches tall by 8 inches wide, a third piece 2 inches by 12 inches and I cut off one of the sleeves to use as the pocket.

The first thing I did, was just lay everything out and decide where I wanted it to go and marked the placements with my disappearing fabric marker.

For the embroidery, my mom happens to be here visiting with her sewing machine.  Her machine does letters, so I did a practice run on some scrap fabric to see the size of the letters and how much room would need.  If she had not had her sewing machie here, I would have hand embroidered his name...

Since I was using a knit, I went ahead and added some iron-on interfacing for extra sturdiness for the letters and pocket.

Next, I sewed the hanging strap.  I folded it in half longways, right sides together and sewed up the edge.  I used a safety pin to turn the strap right side out.

The next thing I did was to add the embroidery.  (I wish my machine did letters, I can see how that would come in handy w/ little kids)

Then I trimmed up the material from the sleeve to be the size I wanted for the pocket.  To make the pinning easier, I used a washable fabric glue to hold the folded edge of the pocket in place while I pinned it.  If you don't have any of this stuff, I recommend it.  It is very helpful for pockets and other slippery materials.

I pinned the pocket securely to the fabric and sewed all around the pocket, adding an extra stitch or two on the top for support.

After sewing the pocket on, place the front and back pillow pieces right sides together and sew along the sides and bottom.

Next, take the strap and pin it as shown in the photo below, it the spot you have marked.

Once the strap is pinned in place, sew up the top, leaving about 2 inches open so you can turn the pillow and add stuffing.


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