Crafty jewelry: Beaded necklaces, jewelry making

Necklace "Desert"

is still one of my creation. "Desert," because the beads picked up a peach and chocolate colors, and of themselves a golden peach beads. Koleshka trailed on the basis of the scheme OlgiK "On the anniversary," as amended. = read more weaving is such a scheme: 1. woven chain - eight out of beads. I wove on the line size of 0.20, a thread, too, think you can, but the line was not so noticeable. The beads took 0.6 mm and 1.0 mm in diameter 2. chain embroidered with beads in 2 stages, this is the first. The black arrows indicate the motion of the threads inside bead3. In the second stage of grouting thread through each bead twice. pass thread through the bead (black arrow), we collect the right amount and type of beads string of beads in the same side again (blue arrow), and beads to go on a diagonal from the top bead. Then we pass a thread through the next bead, etc.
 (510x429, 170Kb)
Crafty jewelry: Beaded necklaces, jewelry making

 (622x316, 91Kb)

 (614x319, 67Kb)

 (628x319, 62Kb)


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