Crafty jewelry: jewelry making

 "Pearl Falls"


  1. Take seven of polyester cord to 35 cm and wrap them with wire, making 2.5 turns.busy2.jpg
  2. Pull on the cord and the tip of the wire clamp polyester cords.busy3.jpg
  3. Stepping back from the 8 mm clamp, cut wire cutters.busy4.jpg
  4. Fold the tip of the wire kruglogubtsami to the ground, making a needle. Similarly, steps and on the other end of the cord.busy5.jpg
  5. Stepping back from 10-12 cm, clip, attach the polyester cords wire diameter of 0.2 cm for wire ropes that go around and screw one end of wire around another.busy6.jpg
  6. String on this wire and pearl wrap wire cords with beads, obvorachivaya wire around the cord. So take 32 turns.busy7.jpg
  7. Another part is decorating it. Pass on the pearl and glass bead pin, while another glass - carnations. Stepping back from the 8 mm beads, trim the tips of the pins and cloves.busy8.jpg
  8. Make a bead on each ears. Kruglogubtsami grab the tip of the nail and pin, and drive it until it stops.busy9.jpg
  9. A little half-open eye on the pearl, attached to the eye pins on a glass bead. And to the other eyelet glass beads, attach the remaining beads. With the help of a ringlet attach this chain of beads to the center foundation jewelry.busy10.jpg
  10. Take six pearls. 5 of them to thread the pin, and one - on a nail. Make them ears, and clinging to them, attach them to each other. With the help of a ringlet to attach this chain based ornaments, stepping back 2 turns of the chain attached to the base.busy11.jpg
  11. Make 7 more strings of small pearls, and 8 of pearl and glass beads (attaching them to each other in any order). Now connect all the chains to the base of jewelry, alternating between these strings of beads to each other.busy12.jpg
  12. To one end of the jewelry using tools, attach the ring, while the other - a ring with a carbine.busy13.jpgbusy1.jpg    
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