Crafty jewelry: Rose Ring tutorial, jewelry making

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Crafty  jewelry: Rose Ring tutorial, jewelry making
 I am in love with this ring, I don't think I ever want to take it off! I have already been coordinating outfits in my mind for the rest of the week so I can wear it everyday! The process is really simple, which, must be a relief because I know you all want one!!
What you'll need: Ribbon, blank ring and a needle and thread.
To start take the end of your ribbon and fold it down to make a triangle.
 Begin to twist and wrap the ribbon around the center. 
Be sure to secure the rose by adding stitches.
Continue this process until you are happy with the size of your rose. and secure the ends.
Once everything is secured glue the bottom of your rose to a ring blank.
Isn't it just lovely?!
Come back later this week and I'll show you another way you can use these ribbon roses!


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