Fashion for women: Collection «PERLA» Veronika Collections

Collection «PERLA» Veronika Collections from one of the largest Polish fashion houses «Veronika Collections» presented a new collection spring-summer 2011 called "PERLA" . It is expected that soon the collection will be exhibited at various exhibitions fashion in Moscow. In the meantime, the first pictures of models have been announced in the online store.

55766222 (388x585, 523Kb)

24045083 (387x589, 563Kb)
30140709 (389x589, 530Kb)
32561183 (488x700, 495Kb)
32743207 (488x700, 510Kb)
47597259 (427x617, 626Kb)
48114452 (428x617, 634Kb)

57804812 (488x700, 466Kb)
66726675 (488x700, 391Kb)
85722762 (488x700, 566Kb)
97710908 (488x700, 446Kb)

It's no secret that the Polish clothing market has won the fashion industry impeccable quality / price ratio of its products. The new collection differs from competitors and more varied color palette and an incredibly comfortable landing.


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