Flower gifts: Mini Paper Flower Bouquet Tutorial, kids craft ideas

AC - 9 flowers

Flower gifts: Mini Paper Flower Bouquet Tutorial, kids craft ideas
 "Favorite Mini Paper Flower Bouquet" step-by-step photo tutorial especially for you today!
 it’s so easy!
Before we get started with making our flowers – measure, cut, and place styrofoam inside your watering can the exact way you want it. This will depend on the size popsicle sticks you use (mine were mini, so my styrofoam is right at the top of the can)
1) Using two different sized scallop circle punches, punch enough circles to make (3) three layered flowers (so six medium circles, three small circles).
AC-12) Using either your trimmer or scissors, cut some small strips of green cardstock (this will be your grass). The cut doesn’t have to be perfect.
AC - 23) Crinkle your small strips of cardstock.
AC - 34) Place the crinkled strips inside the watering can as grass. You can use glue if you want to make sure it will stay in place.
AC - 45) Crinkle up your flowers - this will give them a fun dimensional effect.
AC -56) Using 3D adhesive, adhere your flowers from smallest to largest in a layer of three.AC - 67) Attach a button, brad, or jewel in center of your flowers then adhere them to the sticks. Tie ribbons around the handle. AC - 78) Adhere a flower to the spout of your watering can. AC - 89) Enjoy your creation! AC - 9 flowersThis little bouquet would look so cute displayed on a shelf or mantle or given as a gift to a special friend or teacher!
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