Flowers for birthday: Fondant Flowers tutorial, kids craft ideas


DIY fondant flower tutorial.
Flowers for birthday: Fondant Flowers tutorial, kids craft ideas

Ever since my best friend called me with the exiting news of her engagement I have been counting down the days until the big day!

Now being less than a week away and gearing up for a trip out to rocky mountains of Colorado I have been constantly inspired by the colors. you guessed it! Yellow and Grey are the colors for the wedding! Ashley (The bride to be) has had some of the most clever ideas for this chic and stylish wedding including LOTS of hand made paper flowers!

When I saw what she was putting together I knew instantly what this month's tutorial was going to be - Paper Flower Inspired Cupcakes! Say good-bye to spending forever gluing intricate rose petals together to make an edible flower - and try your hand at some of these chic and EASY ideas!


Layered "Poppy" inspired flower with Cone leaves: 

1) Roll out fondant on a corn starched surface. Cut out 4 circles of fondant, each one slightly smaller than the last.

2) Lay a circle in the palm of your hand. Using a "Ball" tool; thin out the edge of each circle to add a touch of "flair". NOTE: If you do not own this tool - a large round bead will do the trick!

3) Glue together largest to smallest with just a touch of water.

4) Press together with Ball tool to spread the layers and make space for the center. 


1) Mold out a small cone shape.

2) using tweezers (I recommend purchasing a pair for fondant use only!) pinch the fondant to create texture. 

3) Glue center to flower with a dab of water.


1) Cut a strip of white fondant aprox 5" long and 1.5" wide.

2) Start to roll up at an angle to create a "cone".

3) Pinch of access and flatten slightly with the palm of your hand

4) Using the back of a knife (to make a larger cut)  cut a slit in the center.

5) Assemble leaves on cupcake first and then place the "Poppy" over the leaves.


And take a look at these great Tissue Flowers....


Tissue Flower: 

My personal favorite way to add some cupcake Sass! 

1) Roll out a wider strip of fondant - Aprox 6" long and 3" high (The bigger you cut the strip the fuller your tissue flower will be)

2) starting on wide side and going length ways: Crimp up just like you would when making a paper fan. 

3) when you reach the end, bring up the other wide and star adding around the outside of the flower. 


I hope these easy flowers inspire your next batch of party cupcakes! Get creative with these simple techniques and maybe you'll come up with your own style of flower! Or switch up colors to fit just about any theme - Alice in wonderland, baby showers, and just about any girly event! 
Happy baking to you all and have a fabulous week. I'm off to Colorado and will be working with fondant for the first time at 7,522 feet above sea level! Exciting!


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