Food gifts: carving fruits, food decor for parties, more ideas

Basket with colorful "roses" of the black radish. 
See Food Art - 10 .

Decorations for various salads and pates

Simply and effectively

make "flower" of tomatoes, as shown in the photo. 
Green twigs and leaves are cut from the skin of the cucumber. 
We spread decorations above the layer of grated cheese (or grated egg yolks) and serve.

Decorating batch of lettuce

"THE KINGDOM OF THE SEA" - an ornament of boiled beans and seaweed salad, or pâté.Figures of fish and other marine inhabitants are cut from colorful vegetables.

See carving - part 2-I .

"Roses" of tomatoes. 
See Food Art - 10 .

Salad with tender "roses" of sausage or ham. 
Similar "rose" can be made ​​from thin slices of salted fish. 
See Food Art - 10 .

Decorating ham "roses" and greens. 
See Food Art - 10 .

Fruit salad in pineapple.

Salad bowls from the peel of an orange or a grapefruit.

Simple decoration: slices of french fries, grated egg yolks, mayonnaise or sour cream, olives, salad greens.

Decorating salad, snack cake, pastry 
"Russian Birch" 

Background - grated egg yolks, topped by a thin layer of mayonnaise , sour cream, sauce , etc., elements of decoration - thin slices of egg white, the pieces of peel plum, green onions, parsley leaves, pomegranate seeds. 
White "trunks" as birch can be put out thin slices of egg whites and cream just to draw or mayonnaise. 
So you can decorate the surface and meat, fish or vegetable aspic dishes, and even buterbod .

Decorating salad, snack cake, pastry 

Petals 'daisies' are cut out of egg whites, midway - grated egg yolk. Posted around the wreath of twigs of dill.

Decorating ideas salads

Making salad "flowers calla lilies." 
Leaflets cheese folded sack, stamens, carrots, sprigs of green onions.

Making your salad in the form of "fish".

Decoration "rosettes" of different products. 
On the production of "roses" is shown on the 10th page of the section page DECORATION COURSE .

Decorating with greenery and "daisies" of egg whites and carrots. 
On the manufacture of jewelry made ​​from eggs, see page 10 th page of the section Food Art .

Decorating with green peas, corn and strips of cucumber peel. 
On the manufacture of jewelry made ​​from cucumber, see page 10 th page of the section Food Art .

Sprinkle with grated salad decoration yolk. 
On the manufacture of "asters" and "leaves", see carving - part 2-I .

Canned corn, cucumber slices and red pepper, green onions.

"Butterflies" from olives and slices of carrots with speckles mayonnaise potato chips, fresh herbs.

"Lilac" of grated on a coarse grater egg white, then dyed beet juice. 
"Tulips" of tomatoes. Sprigs of greenery.

Salad "Herringbone."
salad spread on a plate heaped high, decorate with bright berries and pomegranate seeds. 
laid out for a high mound of lettuce is convenient to use a plastic bottle cut off the right size. Grab the bottle from the cork from the inside lightly grease with mayonnaise, lettuce and densely over on the dish. 
decorate dill. 
At the top put a star cut out of red pepper.

Decorating salad, pate, snack or sandwich cake "Bull and Cow." Making jewelry - see Carving-2. "Bull and cow" . See section Salads . On the sandwich and snack cakes, see below on this page. 

Decorating salad or pate, "Forest Flower".

Decorating salad, pate, snack or sandwich cake. Making jewelry - see Carving-2 . See section Salads, p. PATE for sandwiches, snacks, toppings for cakes . On the sandwich and snack cakes, see below on this page. 

Salad "Christmas Tree"


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