Food gifts: carving fruits, food decor for parties, more ideas


Food gifts: carving fruits, food decor for parties, more ideas  

 Examples of egg laying

 Making and decorating salads 
or pates

Decorating tomato slices, sliced ​​olives and herbs.
Decorating sliced ​​sweet peppers, olives and herbs.
Decorating mayonnaise (or sour cream thick), pomegranate seeds and chopped greens.
Decorating with mayonnaise.
Decorating chips, corn, olives and herbs.
Decorating marinated or pickled mushrooms, sliced ​​cucumbers, carrots and greens.
Decorating mushrooms, mayonnaise and greens.
Decorating with fresh flowers in a vase, grated egg yolks, fresh herbs, olives.
Decorating pâté, sprinkled with steamed poppy.
Herring, "a coat" with "flowers" from slices of carrots, beans and leaves kukurury greens.
A layer of boiled (or baked), and grated beets with the addition of sour cream or mayonnaise (or a mixture thereof), halved walnuts.
Making "Raindrops" - a layer of sour cream or mayonnaise, boiled beets, sliced ​​green onion slices.
Making "Mushroom." 
cap "fungus" is covered with raw or cooked shredded carrots, foot - grated radish or proteins, or boiled rice or a mixture of sour cream and mayonnaise.
Salad "mushrooms."
Making "Pineapple." Layer of mayonnaise or thick cream, mixed with spices, walnut halves, green onions.
Salad with fish, seafood, jewelry from slices of lemon, shrimp and greens.
Making "Calle". 
"envelopes" colors of the slices of cheese, carrot anthers.
Making "Starfish." 
upper layer of grated carrots, sprinkled with sesame seeds. 
Decoration of the cut along the radius and closed spiral slices of lemon and boiled shrimp.
Making your "Character" Love "."
Making "Bull".
"Snowflakes" - drawing salad or snack cake with cheese and black olives.
Easy laying hard-boiled eggs halved with green peas.
In the decoration of dishes sure to use the bright natural colors of products.
Layered salads, cooked in a lightly greased with vegetable oil and form a circular posted on the dish. 
"Flowers" of sliced ​​strips of cucumber and carrot slices, parsley.
Easter salad or pate. Jewelry made of grains of canned corn, green peas, black olives, carrots and dill.

Boats of avocado filling may be very different - to taste

The record:
Ingredients : 
3 ripe avocados • 
• 100g cooked and peeled shrimp 
• 10-12 cherry tomatoes (or 2-3 regular tomatoes) 
• Juice of half a lemon 
• vegetable oil 
• salt
Avocado cut lengthwise into two parts, bone removed.
With a teaspoon gently remove the flesh without damaging the skin. 
taken out flesh into cubes, add lemon juice, stir.
Cherry tomatoes cut into two or four parts or conventional tomatoes cut into cubes. 
Mix avocado pulp, shrimp, tomatoes. A little salt and fill with vegetable oil. 
Fill the cleaned avocado salad out onto a plate, decorate to your liking and serve.

Salmon rolls with vegetables

Green, yellow and red bell peppers, cucumbers, cabbage leaves cut into strips 5-7 mm wide. Get one of each strip, add a sprig of dill, wrapped in a slice of salted salmon and wrap roll with green onion. 
The taste you can add a strip carved out of butter and sprinkled with chopped dill profusely, or 1-2 strips of cheese.

Cheese "cups" with a salad

Slices of cheese to turn into cups, tie green onions, vertically placed on a plate and fill the salad.Decorate to taste.

Appetizer "Flower pots" 
of zucchini and lettuce

Ingredients : 
• zucchini - 2 pcs. 
• Bulgarian paprika - 1 / 2 pcs. 
• cucumber - 1 pc. 
• Garlic - 2 cloves 
• cheese - 40 g 
• lettuce leaves (better to take the rocket) 
• mayonnaise to taste
Zucchini cut into thin long slices and fry on both sides of the pan. 
For the filling sweet pepper and cucumber cut into thin long strips, shred garlic and rub on a small grater cheese. 
runs the stuffing with mayonnaise and mix everything.
At one end of the toasted slices of zucchini put lettuce or arugula leaves, top placing fillings and toppings on a little arugula. 
displace slice zucchini rolls and put on a plate.

Appetizer "Peacock Tail"

Fried eggplant slices on cheese and put a lot of mayonnaise and decorate with slices of fresh cucumber, halved black olives and slices of tomato.

Seafood on Ice

Oyster shells open with a knife, add other seafood, put on ice cubes and garnish with greens and serve.

Serving sandwiches 

Sausage sandwiches. "Forest Story" - ham sandwiches. 


Egg "boat" with caviar

Hard-boiled eggs cut in half lengthwise, remove the yolks, rub them with sour cream or mayonnaise (you can add grated cheese and finely chopped herbs to taste), fill the halves with a mixture of eggs. 
toothpick to put on the small "sail", made ​​of egg whites or slices of cheese and insert them into the "boat". 
On top of the "towers" can be put on boxes, carved from red pepper. 
Garnish with caviar and green.

Eggs with caviar butter, otsazhennym of pastry bag. Stocking halves of the eggs. "Fungi" of eggs or stuffed eggs. As a "cap" can be used halves of tomatoes, hats marinated, pickled or boiled mushrooms, slices of egg white, painted in hot strong tea or coffee, etc. on its own imagination. Simple decoration egg slices. 



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