Gift presents: bead embroidery, kitty brooch tutorial, kids craft ideas

embroidery, beads , this time a charming brooch in the form of a tiny black kitten c Hamster Beaded site.  What will you need?
  • Gift presents: bead embroidery, kitty brooch tutorial, kids craft ideas
  • black and white beads (№ 12) (from the small beads will be more accurate and easier to fill in the blanks);
  •  beads red or any color (№ 10);
  •  two pieces of black leather or imitation leather;
  •  kitten picture is cut out of paper;
  •  basis for a small brooch (about 3 cm);
  •  black thread and bead needle 33LL;
  •  a small piece of fleece in 6 layers.

How is it done?
  • Put on a piece of paper seal and draw out kozhzama normal ballpoint pen. No markers will not help, nothing will be visible. Pen, if anything, it will be easy to wipe your fingers. By the way, sometimes painted update, as in the process can accidentally wipe your fingers drawing.
  • Kitty can tack a few stitches, so as not to crawl, while you trace the his.
  • Dorisovyvat the parts inside the silhouette of a cat - eyes, ears, paws.
  • Take a needle and thread, knot tying is not. Pierces the leatherette on the wrong side on the front side. We print one black bead. Pierces the leatherette on the front side at the distance of the thickness of the beads.
  • Pierces the leatherette on the wrong side to right side, step back right of the already sewn beads to distance the thickness of another bead. Here's how:
  • We print one black bead. We went with a needle from right to left in the already sewn bead.
  • Needle pierces the leatherette on the front side immediately after the first beads without any indentation.
  • Then again pierces the leatherette on the wrong side on the right face of the second bead at a distance of the thickness of beads. We print one black bead. Pass the needle from right to left in the second bead sewn. The first is not necessary.
  • Pierces the leatherette on the front side between the first and second beads.
  • Further, in the same way embroider only cat on the path. We pass along the contour of a thread a few times to align the beads.
  • Sew red beads to the collar.
  • Then embroider midway ears with white beads in the same way as the path the cat.
  • Just embroider eyes and paws. Pupil in an eye make one black beads, nose - one red.
  • Fill in the body, ears, muzzle cat with black beads. There is no need to pass a needle into the previous bead, just randomly sew each bead individually, taking care not to leave large gaps.
  • When all embroidered, with care not to touch the skin, cut along the contour of the cat. Please note that should leave the thread for the whiskers, removing it from the beads circuit. We do this in order to then do not fix a new thread, because whiskers are executed last, and the reverse side has to be hidden.
  • Now carefully promazyvayut underside with white glue. Just do not overdo it with glue, and then it goes on the front side and stain glass beads.
  • Next, we need to consolidate the basis for the brooches. Take a piece of fleece in 6 layers. Color us not important, it will not be visible. Are putting our cat to him and draw out the contour of his head.
  • It turns out a kind of ovalchik. As an aside, 1.5-2 mm. Draw an oval inside this one.
  • Exactly in the center are putting the foundation for brooches and note its position.

  • Before you sew on the basis, will make it to the second piece and note the position kozhzama its ends. Then, carefully make two small holes, so you pull this piece kozhzama the pin.
  • Now ties the knot on a thread and sew firmly to the base nonwoven exactly at the marked locations.Cut on the inner oval.
  • Next we need this non-woven with a basis for the brooch to stick to the cat. Glue to glue "Moment of Crystal". It can not withstand long under pressure, is critical force, but not the duration of pressure.All the more so with our cat pin is problematic to put into a press. Just press your fingers badly interlining to the cat and hold it for a while.
  • When non-woven tightly glued and dry, lubricate the entire underside of the cat with glue. We stretch gently and the second piece of fleece with the holes on the pin unbuttoned. And leave to dry.

  • Cut carefully along the contour of the cat.
  • Take a PVA with a toothpick and carefully, so nothing dirty, promazyvayut junction of two layers kozhzama. When the PVA dries it becomes transparent, and edges firm.
  • Now make a mustache. Take the thread that was left on purpose. Print it in the right place to us, we collect five black beads and go back to the first four. Just do the other antennae.
  • Fasten the thread to bead contour and admire for what we got.


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