Gift presents for a little girl: Birthday Hat Headband Tutorial

Gift presents for a little girl: Birthday Hat Headband Tutorial
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These Birthday Hat Headbands were very fun to make.  Here is a tutorial so you can make your own.
You will need:
Decorator Fabric (or you could buy a cotton and starch it.  You just want the fabric to be stiff.)
Sewing Machine (optional)
Hot Glue and/or Tacky Glue (or you can just use hot glue)
Small pom poms
A pattern
I wish I had a pattern for you that you could download...but I haven't quite got that down you.  Hopefully soon.  Here is a picture of mine.  I am giving you the dimensions that I used.  6 inches across and 3 1/4 inches down.  Then curved along the bottom.  I cut mine out of cardstock so it would be easy to trace around. Once you have your pattern cut out trace it onto the back of your fabric and then cut it out.
For my Ricrac I sewed it down.  I just measured how long of a piece I would need along the bottom and sewed it straight across.  You could glue it down as well.  Sewing was just easierrrr.
I did lots of different fabrics and ricrac colors.  I liked mixing them all up.
After the ricrac is on you take and make the piece of fabric into a cone shape and hot glue it together.
Then glue the pom pom on top.  We actually used tacky glue for this  Mostly because I only have one glue gun and my friend helping me didn't have one.  So, we used tacky glue.  I would probably normally have just used hot glue for all of it otherwise.  Either works though.

Hot glue the cone shape onto the headband.  This is a little tricky.  I glued at the top and bottom of the cone.  For the party I stopped at this point.  But, throughout the night I wasn't totally happy.  Since I had some left over when I came home I stuffed all the cones with a little batting.  They looked even better.  Then I glued a circle of felt inside the cone to hold the stuffing in.  I think they will hold up better now too.  Have fun making your own Birthday Hat Headbands.



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