Gift presents for summer: DIY Badgley Mischka Ruffle Pom Shoe

Gift presents for summer: DIY Badgley Mischka Ruffle Pom Shoe
I've been ogling this pair of divine Badgley Mischka shoes for a while, and wanted a way to incorporate my new obsession: the color taupe. I've also had a secret wish to revitalize a grungy old pair of strappy wedges that I wore to prom over a decade ago. And to do it all for less than $5. Cinderella's fairy godmother would have a hard time granting that wish. But with a scrap of striped shimmery fabric and a bit of bibbity bobbity shoe (haa!), I somehow came out with the ruffle wedges of my dreams. Read on to find out how...

These poor wedges were practically begging for a makeover. Follow the numbered chart below for instructions on how to make your OWN fashionable t-strap shoes in less than an hour for just $1!


1. Rummage up an old pair of strappy shoes.
2. Pick a shimmery fabric that looks nice with your shoes.
3. Cut out a bunch of small circles (around 1" in diameter).
4. Put a drop of hot glue in the center of your circle.
5. Fold circle in half.
6. Put another hot glue dot at bottom center of your half-circle.
7. Fold in half again.
8. For a few of your "ruffles," add a third dot of hot glue and roll them into cones. These make great ruffles for the center of your pom-pom because they're a bit more stiff.
9. (Carefully!) singe the edges of your ruffles. Test a little scrap of fabric first to make sure it doesn't burst into flames. (I kept a big bowl of water nearby because I'm accident prone).
10. Cut out a 1.5" diameter circle from a thick fabric (I used cream-colored canvas). Glue each ruffle tip to the center of this circle base.
11. Layer your ruffles just so.
12. Keep layering. Try not to use too much hot glue (I did, and had to start over).
13. Cut out two long strips of elastic to fit around the length of your strappy shoe, allowing you to secure the elastic on the underside. Affix metal snaps or Velcro to both ends of the elastic so you can secure it tightly to the shoe.
14. Glue the ruffle poms to the middle of the elastic.
15. **Poof!** (magical sparkles descend). Your lovely row of ruffle poms will transform those crappy strappies into something totally wearable!


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