Gift presents for women: Hanger for scarves, shawls and scarves

A bit distracting you from the cosmetic theme and want to share my new "invention":) I like to love, something to do with their hands for the soul and good) at this time I decided to make some kind of a hanger for my scarves, shawls and scarves. The idea of ​​such hangers are not new, yet to Ikea in the Netherlands she liked me, but the possibility is put in a suitcase - was not, and we in Ukraine have not yet Ikey postorili ... But I never lost hope, and then I caught on YouTube video of Mary (marlibelulas) of her hobbies, where she also showed his interpretation ikeevskoy hangers. And I thought maybe I should try?

Gift presents for women: Hanger for scarves, shawls and scarves
The result looks like this is my tab before and after:)

Rather it was not convenient to store all your scarves on one hanger ...

To do this, I needed a board (I had a big box from a recent acquisition, and I decided it razderebanit my idea:), she also needs a hanger, scissors, pencil, ruler, compass, crochet and knitting yarns of different colors.

To get started, I made a ring as a template. Cut all of the ring, I wrapped threads.

Then each ring row by row, I was attached to the hanger by wrapping threads. And here's my fantasy:)



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