Gift presents: Monogram Frame Tutorial! kids craft ideas

these super cute Monogram Frames for our girl's rooms!

Gift presents: Monogram Frame Tutorial!  kids craft ideas
I already had the frames stuffed in a closet...
so we pulled them out and put a few coats of Krylon Ballet Slipper on them!

While the frames were drying, we went inside and made these cute bows: 

After the frames were completely dry, we roughed the edges up with sandpaper.

Then we hot glued the bows onto the top-center of the frame.

Next we cut the girl's initials using my Silhouette and then spray painted them green and applied it to hot pink fabric that we already cut to fit inside of the frame!
(Yes - I SPRAY PAINT vinyl)
(... it would be smart to iron the fabric before applying the vinyl... just sayin')

Now Harper's monogram is displayed cutely in her room!

Love it!


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